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9 Reasons To Get Invisalign That Go Beyond Looks

MARCH 18, 2019

One of Invisalign’s primary selling points is aesthetics. The treatment itself is discreet, enabling adults and teenagers alike to maintain a professional, natural appearance throughout their journey to straighter teeth. Once the treatment is complete, patients enjoy more attractive teeth. But Invisalign can do much more than provide aesthetic benefits. Let us discuss nine advantages of this treatment that go beyond looks.

A Well-aligned Bite

A misaligned bite can cause premature wear and tear on the teeth and even lead to breakage. After Invisalign repositions the teeth and they fit well together, they are at a reduced risk of damage.

Jaw Pain Relief

An improperly aligned jaw can lead to difficulty chewing, TMJ pain, and more. Invisalign may be able to correct such issues, thereby relieving or perhaps even eliminating many types of jaw pain.

Facial Pain Relief

Issues with the TMJ can also cause pain in structures other than the jaw, including the neck and the facial muscles. Improving the bite’s alignment via Invisalign may be able to resolve such issues.

Better Digestion

The body’s digestive process begins in the mouth, which is why it is so important to thoroughly chew food. However, crooked teeth can make it challenging to chew thoroughly. Invisalign can facilitate enhanced chewing ability and thereby improve digestion.

Improved Bone Architecture

Your bones are not static structures. Rather, your body is continually metabolizing them, breaking them down and rebuilding them with new material. Thus, when your teeth move into their proper positions, the bone that supports them will change accordingly, leading to improved bone architecture.

A Cleaner Mouth

Misaligned teeth are more likely to trap food between them, and they are more difficult to clean than straight teeth. Invisalign can thus make it easier for you to thoroughly clean your mouth, helping you to achieve fresher breath and lowering your risk of tooth decay.

Easier Professional Dental Cleanings

After Invisalign straightens your teeth, you might discover that your routine dental cleanings with your hygienist are shorter and more efficient than they were previously.

Clearer Speech

Your teeth play an important role in helping you enunciate certain sounds; misalignment can make it difficult or even impossible to say some words clearly. After your Invisalign treatment, you may find it easier to communicate with confidence.

Protection For Your Teeth

Your aligners can provide a degree of protection for your teeth. For example, they can prevent the damage from nighttime bruxism (teeth grinding). However, if you play sports, you should not try to make your aligner double as a mouthguard. A custom athletic mouthguard provides vastly superior protection.

You might embark on your Invisalign journey with the sole goal of improving the way your teeth look, but you are likely to reap other benefits as well. Why not visit your dentist to find out if this treatment is right for you?

About the Author

Dr. Ji Young Lim is the on-staff orthodontist at First Line Dental. She is qualified to provide Invisalign as well as a number of other orthodontic treatments. If you are ready to achieve straighter, healthier teeth, she would be happy to help. Contact First Line Dental at 860-327-5990 to schedule a consultation.

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