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4 Ways To Observe Dental Hygiene Month

OCTOBER 2, 2019

How clean is your mouth? October is National Dental Hygiene Month, making it the ideal time to pause to consider that question. It is also an opportunity for you to reflect on your oral health in general and how it relates to your overall well-being. In this blog post, we will go over a few ways in which you may be able to improve the way you care for your teeth and gums. What you learn may even save your life!

Schedule A Dental Appointment

The American Dental Associations recommends that most adults visit their dentist twice a year for a cleaning and checkup. A professional cleaning rids your mouth of harmful plaque and tartar, the latter of which is impossible to remove with a regular toothbrush. Your hygienist will also give you personalized guidance on how you can improve your at-home oral care routine.

Attend An Oral Cancer Screening

Most dental practices include an oral cancer screening as part of a routine preventive appointment. Although many people think that they do not need a screening if they do not smoke, nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone can develop oral cancer, and its first signs are so subtle that you may not realize anything is wrong unless a trained professional alerts you to the issue. An oral cancer screening is painless, fast, and completely noninvasive.

Replace Old Oral Hygiene Supplies

It is easy to forget to replace your toothbrush at regular intervals, but an old toothbrush is not as effective at cleaning, and it may have a significant amount of bacterial buildup on it. If you have been using your current toothbrush for more than three or four months, consider purchasing a new one. It would even be a good idea to invest in an electric brush, which provides more cleaning power than a manual one. You can ask your dentist or hygienist for recommendations on specific products that would benefit your oral health.

Give Your Gums Some Attention

Too many people take their gums for granted. However, this precious pink tissue actually plays a huge role in oral and overall health. Untreated gum disease can lead to tooth loss and raise your risk of cardiovascular illness, as well as other serious conditions. To protect your gums, be sure you always brush along your gum line and floss daily. If your gums ever start to look red or bleed easily, it is time to visit the dentist to ask if you need gum disease treatment.

How are you doing in the dental hygiene department? If you notice any room for improvement, now is the perfect time to make any necessary adjustments. Your teeth, gums, and body will thank you for your diligence.

About the Author

Dr.  Jared Jacobskind is a general dentist who earned his dental degree from Stony Brook University’s School of Dental Medicine. Since graduation, he has dedicated himself to establishing trusting relationships with his patients that are founded on mutual respect. If you would like to speak to Dr. Jacobskind about how you can improve your oral hygiene this October, contact First Line Dental at 860-327-5990.

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