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Why Right Now Is The Best Time To Start Invisalign

OCTOBER 16, 2020

Would you like to straighten your teeth? There are multiple orthodontic options on the market, including Invisalign in Manchester. It is popular for its ability to move teeth without the use of unsightly brackets and wires. It is an ideal treatment for many adults and responsible teens! Have you been thinking about investing in it? In this blog post, we will discuss why right now is the ideal time to get started on your journey toward a straighter, healthier smile with Invisalign.

Insurance Benefits Will Expire Soon

Because Invisalign costs a significant amount of money, it is only natural to ask, “Does dental insurance cover Invisalign?” That is a difficult question to answer because dental policies vary so greatly. A number of them do offer orthodontic coverage for adults. If yours does, it may cover up to half the cost of Invisalign, up to the amount of your annual maximum.

Your annual maximum is the highest dollar amount that your insurer is willing to pay out for approved services throughout the year. For most policies, any unused portion of the maximum expires on December 31. It does not roll over into the new year. Therefore, if you still have a significant part of 2020’s annual maximum at your disposal, it may be a big asset when it comes to paying for Invisalign.

Of course, you could use your 2021 benefits for Invisalign. If you do that, however, you may have to start all over again with your deductible and end up paying more out of pocket.

Your Dentist Wants To Help You Afford Your Treatment

Ask your dental team about their practice’s financial policies. You might be pleasantly surprised by the ways in which they help patients afford treatment. For example, you can ask about:

  • Specials. Some practices periodically run limited-time Invisalign specials. You might even be able to attend your initial consultation for free.
  • Financing. If you would like to break up the cost of your treatment into monthly installments, you may be eligible for low-interest or no-interest financing through CareCredit.
  • Help with insurance. Your dental team is used to working with insurance and can help you find answers to questions about your coverage.

Look Forward To An Improved Smile

The treatment time with Invisalign varies from patient to patient. However, on average, it takes just 12 months for it to complete its work. If you begin with Invisalign now, you could have a brand new smile to show off by the time your 2021 year-end festivities roll around.

Right now is the prime time to get started on straightening your teeth. Why not schedule a consultation with your local Invisalign provider?

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