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How Soon After An Extraction Can I Get A Dental Implant?

AUGUST 21, 2021

It can be both inconvenient and uncomfortable to have a gap in your smile. Therefore, if you recently had a tooth extracted — or you know that one of your teeth will soon have to be removed — it is understandable if you are eager to fill in that empty space as soon as possible. What is the timeline for getting dental implants after a tooth extraction? The answer varies from patient to patient. This blog post discusses a few possible scenarios.

Immediate Implant Placement

Under the most ideal circumstances, a dental implant can be placed in the jawbone immediately after a tooth extraction, even during the same appointment. This could be an option for you if you are free of gum disease and have a healthy, dense jawbone.

Early Implant Placement

Early implant placement may also be referred to as immediate-delayed implant placement. It usually occurs 2 – 3 months after an extraction. This short waiting period allows your gums to heal and gives your body a chance to fight off any infections that you might have been suffering from. Since this type of implant placement happens fairly soon after an extraction, it often allows patients to avoid getting a bone graft.

Delayed Implant Placement

Delayed implant placement happens 3 or more months after an extraction. This is usually the best option for individuals who have suffered serious damage to their oral tissues, either because of advanced gum disease or other causes. You might require a bone graft or other procedures before you become eligible for dental implant placement surgery.

Tips For Avoiding Unnecessary Delays

You might not be able to speed up your implant procedure timeline, but there are some steps you can take to avoid unnecessary delays. You should:

  • Talk to your dentist as soon as possible. Let your dentist know that you are interested in dental implants so they can start planning for your procedure. If possible, ask about your tooth replacement options before your extraction.
  • Care well for your oral health. Strict oral hygiene habits and diligent compliance with post-op instructions following your extraction will reduce the chances that an infection or other problem will delay your implant procedure.
  • Do not smoke. Smoking is not an absolute contraindication for dental implants. However, it does increase the risk of gum disease and other serious oral health problems.
  • Keep an eye on your overall health. If you have diabetes or another chronic condition, do all you can to keep it under control so it will not adversely affect your implant treatment.

It is difficult to say how long after an extraction you might be able to get a dental implant. Even if you have to wait a few months, though, you can be sure that your patience will pay off when that gap in your smile is finally gone for good!

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