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5 Reasons To Choose Traditional Braces


In recent times, clear aligners, such as Invisalign, and other innovative orthodontic options have become more and more popular. While such treatments have many advantages, they are not going to make traditional braces in Manchester obsolete. In fact, there are multiple reasons why a person might choose traditional braces over the alternatives. In this blog post, we discuss a few of those reasons.

Traditional Braces Are Cost-effective

The cost of orthodontic care varies significantly from case to case and depends on numerous factors. Generally speaking, though, traditional metal braces cost less than clear aligners and other treatment options. That makes them an excellent choice for families who are seeking high-quality care at a budget-friendly price.

Traditional Braces Can Handle Complex Cases

When clear aligners first hit the market, they were mostly for cosmetic cases of misalignment. Now, though, they can handle a wide range of orthodontic issues. However, there are still some severe issues that they cannot correct. They are also not usually a good option for children. In contrast, traditional braces can handle even the most severe cases of orthodontic misalignment, and they can treat patients of practically any age. If you are interested in clear aligners, but your case is severe enough to require the use of metal braces, tell your dentist about your concerns. You might be able to start out with braces and switch to aligners partway through your treatment.

Traditional Braces Are Always With You

Clear aligners are removable, a feature that many patients find to be incredibly convenient. However, their removability also presents the risk that they will be misplaced. Teenagers, in particular, may be prone to lose track of their aligners because they may still be in the process of developing self-discipline. Since traditional braces are bonded directly onto the teeth, there is no chance that they can be lost.

Traditional Braces Come In Fun Colors

Clear aligners have a subtle appearance, which is excellent for patients who want to maintain a professional look. Some individuals, though, enjoy that their metal braces can help them make a statement. Braces come in a range of colors, so they can be used to support your favorite sports team, complement seasonal festivities, or go with your favorite outfit.

Traditional Braces Are Convenient For Athletes

If you enjoy contact sports, such as hockey or football, you must wear a mouthguard during practices and games. There are special guards you can wear over braces that will protect both your teeth and your treatment. In contrast, if you have clear aligners, you will have to remove them and wear a mouthguard instead while you are on the court or field.

Traditional braces are useful, effective, and relatively affordable. If you would like to learn more about them, your local dental team would be pleased to answer all of your questions.

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