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Can I Get Braces On Just My Top Or Bottom Teeth?

NOVEMBER 23, 2022

When you meet people with traditional braces in Manchester, you may notice that they usually have brackets and wires on both their top and bottom teeth. That might make you wonder if it is possible to get braces on just one dental arch or the other. In most cases, single-arch treatment is not recommended. This blog post talks about why some people are interested in top- or bottom-only braces and delves into why full-mouth treatment is usually the better option.

Motivations For Single-arch Treatment

There are a few reasons why you might be interested in single-arch orthodontic treatment:

  • Money. Treating just the top or bottom teeth may cost less upfront than addressing misalignment throughout the whole mouth.
  • Aesthetics. You may see that one of your dental arches appears to be well-aligned. However, you would like to improve the appearance of your teeth in the other arch. (This is especially common among individuals who want to enhance the look of their top teeth).
  • Convenience. Brushing and flossing around braces in just half of the mouth is less time-consuming than doing the same for the entire mouth.

Indeed, at a glance, single-arch treatment may seem like a good idea. However, in most cases, it is simply not advisable, even if it seems like one row of teeth is already well-positioned.

Why Is Double-arch Treatment Usually Necessary?

Full-mouth orthodontic treatment is usually necessary due to the way the top and bottom teeth interact with one another.

For example, if you have some crowding in your upper dental arch, fixing that issue will move your teeth backward. If the bottom teeth remain where they are, any existing underbite will become worse. Along the same lines, moving the top teeth forward might worsen an overbite.

Bite problems are nothing to scoff at. They can lead to a range of problems, including a heightened risk of TMJ disorder, difficulty chewing, and more. Plus, when your upper and lower teeth do not line up properly, it can adversely affect your facial aesthetics.

You Might Be Able To Start With Braces On One Arch

Double-arch orthodontic treatment is usually the best course of action if you want to enjoy optimum oral health and facial aesthetics. However, that does not mean that you will get upper and lower braces at the same time.

The top teeth usually move more slowly than the bottom ones. Therefore, upper braces are often put in place a few months before lower ones. Exactly when your braces are placed will depend on the specifics of your unique case and how your dental team plans the specifics of your treatment.

The idea of single-arch orthodontic treatment can seem appealing, but it usually is not practical. To enjoy the best results from your braces, follow the recommendations of your dental team.

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