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I Am Not In Pain — Why Do I Need A Root Canal?

JUNE 10, 2022

A persistent, throbbing toothache is a common sign that a root canal in Manchester is necessary. However, the need for this treatment is not always preceded by pain. In fact, many patients are surprised to learn that they need root canal therapy because, before their dentist informed them of the situation, they thought their teeth were perfectly fine! This blog post discusses why a root canal can be necessary in such a situation and lists some common indications for this treatment that do not involve pain.

Why Is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

Teeth have multiple layers. The innermost layer, the pulp, contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. When this soft substance suffers damage or infection, root canal therapy becomes necessary to remove the affected tissue and prevent the need for a tooth extraction.

Often, an infection in the pulp causes excruciating tooth pain. However, some infections do not cause any overt symptoms; they can only be recognized when a qualified dentist performs an examination.

It is also possible for the nerve inside the tooth to die. Often, patients experience a bad toothache for a while and choose to ignore it. Eventually, the pain goes away, and they conclude that they do not need to visit the dentist. However, this often occurs because the nerve can no longer send pain signals to the brain. The infection that caused the original toothache may still be spreading. Root canal therapy can often address this issue and prevent the pain from coming back full-force.

Signs Root Canal Therapy May Be Necessary

Your dentist is the best person to determine whether you need root canal therapy. However, there are some signs that indicate you might need this treatment, including:

  • A tooth that is darker than the ones around it
  • A pimple-like bump on the gums (known as an abscess)
  • Increased dental sensitivity
  • Visible damage to a tooth, such as chips or cracks

If you notice any such issues, you should schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible. Delaying treatment allows the problem an opportunity to get worse. The further it progresses, the more likely it becomes that root canal therapy would be unable to save the tooth. Removing the tooth altogether may become the only option.

What To Expect With Root Canal Therapy

If your dentist recommends root canal therapy even though you are not in pain, you should schedule the procedure for as soon as you can. There is no need to be afraid. Thanks to modern techniques and anesthesia, you should feel little to nothing during the treatment. Afterward, following a brief recovery period and the placement of a crown, you should be able to enjoy a strong, functional smile that is at a lowered risk of future pain and tooth loss.

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